Friday, September 2, 2011

100 Whales slaughtered Faroe Islands thanks Sea Shepherd

2 September 2011 update: One hundred whales came into the Faroe Islands on 2 September, to be harvested and provide food for the good people. The cultist of Sea Shepherd can thank Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson / The Paulrus for the slaughter of 100 whales. Sea Shepherd stopped nothing as they ran from the Faroe Islands earlier than planned. This caused the whales to enter the Faroe Islands and get slaughtered, using Sea Shepherd’s logic (or lack of logic).

On Sea Shepherd’s website (see link below if they have not deleted it), the Paulrus (Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson) claims while they were in the Faroe Islands during August of 2011, there was no whales slaughtered “the grind” because of Sea Shepherd’s “mere presence” in the Faroe Islands. The claim was made the Faroe Islands police issued an order there will be no whaling slaughter while Sea Shepherd is in their waters.

Golly gee willkers! So the whales adhered to the police orders by not swimming into the fjords of the Faroe Islands? Wow they sure are intelligent creatures. Truth is no such order was issued by the police. There was no whale slaughter because the whales did not swim into the Faroe Islands. However the cultist will believe their cult leader that there was such a police order.

The Paulrus was asked how come Sea Shepherd has not returned to Canada to disrupt the slaughtering of seals there. He replied no need to go back to Canada since each year the number of seals slaughtered decreases. Really! The Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean their whales captured numbers have been decreasing each year also, yet Sea Shepherd returns each year attempting to cause injury to the Japanese mariners. No consistency in the Paulrus’s story telling.

She Shepherd also questions how could they be called terrorist (eco-terrorist as labeled by the USA’s FBI), when they have not injured anyone. If they have not injured it is not because they have not tried, it is because of their incompetence. The only reason they have not succeeded in injuring the Japanese mariners is due to the professionalism of the Japanese whalers.

Sea Shepherd cultist children have thrown lit flares into the nets and on the decks of the Japanese whaling vessels. They have thrown glass bottles on the slippery decks, breaking, and splattering broken glass on the same slippery decks. Actions that can only be interpreted as trying to cause injury.

While Sea Shepherd was in the Faroe Islands they good people of the Faroe Islands denied Sea Shepherd, Animal Planet (“Whale Wars Faroe Islands”) the dramatic video they desperately needed for the success of that spin-off reality show. In desperation Watson continued to insult the people of the Faroe Islands with seemed to be the intention of inciting the good people. He basically accused them of cruelty, butchery, and basically barbaric behavior.

Cruel? Barbaric? The last murder in the Faroe Islands was 1985, 26 years ago. The population is around 45,000, meaning one murder every 26 years. Now in the USA per every 45,000 people there are two murders committed each year. During the 20th century (1900’s) there was only 4 murders in the Faroe Islands. That last execution in the Faroe Islands was in 1706. Yep sounds like a bunch of barbaric Vikings!

With the dramatic, confrontational video Sea Shepherd / Animal Planet / Whale Wars sought, causing them to leave empty headed, oops, meant: empty handed. It will be interesting to see how they turn their boring videos into action for the program, if there is a program.

The people of the Faroe Islands were united in staying calm, and not allowing this cult to infuriate them to cause a confrontation. God bless the good people of the Faroe Islands.

Photographs courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research.

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