Friday, September 9, 2011

Travel the rails with Tony

There is a YouTuber, with the channel name: Panacealand (see link below) who lives in Osaka, Japan. He post outstanding videos on channel related to Osaka baseball, city structures, and train related. The videos are of excellent quality, informative, and entertaining.

Those videos were an inspiration for this video. While driving around town one other day, I heard a train; I pulled my vehicle over, grabbed my video and DSLR cameras and produced this video.

Afterwards realized video camera set in the mode “portrait,” when it perhaps should have been in the “sports” mode.

Panacealand’s YouTube channel:

Freight train in Japan: video made in May, 2011 while in Japan, north of Tokyo. Texas train part of videos from visit to Texas State Railroad located between Palestine and Rusk, Texas, here is a link to the second of three videos:

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