Friday, September 23, 2011

The rich do pay higher taxes, Obama Solyndra, Gibson Guitars punished

Shocking, The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reprinted an article from the Associated Press (AP) exposing the truth about “the rich paying taxes.” Basically opposing the propaganda from the Obama administration (regime) and the Democratic Party (DNC), concerning the taxes the so-called rich pay. Apparently according to the article “the rich” do pay their “fair share” of taxes, please see link below.

As part of a recent Stimulus Package pushed by the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) and the Obama Regime (President Obama and his administration) was a loan in the amount of $528 million to a green energy company Solyndar. Prior to the loan’s approval accounting agencies in the federal government warned the partisans in the Obama Regime the review process was not complete. Ignoring their warnings the loan was approved.

Solyndra filed bankruptcy, the $5228 million is lost and to date there is no accountability as to where the money is or how it was spent. What happened? The lawyers for Solyndra also happened to have been “bundlers” for the Democratic Party. “Bundlers” gather donations from various sources then turn them over in this case to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

Question to be resolved: Did the Obama administration rush through the $528 million loan to Solyndra because Solyndra’s lawyers just happened to be Democratic Party bundlers, functionaries?

If the news media continues to print the truth running afoul of the Democratic Party would it cause the demise of this channel? Naaaaw…..

Recently Gibson Guitars was raided by the USA federal government, where guitar making materials (wood), computers, files, and guitars were confiscated. How come? Apparently the USA is enforcing foreign law in the USA at the urging from environmentalist (really?). They are claiming the woods Gibson Guitars imported from India and Madagascar were lumbered in those countries by companies violating the laws of those two nations.

Truth is the head of Gibson Guitars Henry Juszkiewicz is a hero to the Tea Party and a supporter. See, oppose the Obama Regime and you too can expect a knock at the door.

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