Friday, September 16, 2011

Osama Bin Laden death equals justice

Many people are questioning where the justice was by killing Osama Bin Laden in his home in Pakistan by Navy Seals from the United States of America. Guess what? A dead Osama, no matter how achieved IS justice.

A person asking this question live in countries not under attack by terrorist for the last twenty years as the United States has been. Live in a country under constant attack by these cowardly terrorist then ask the question after about ten years of it.

Terrorist are enemy combatants and use the world as their battlefield. They declared war on the USA and when confronted by the USA military meet the fate of any enemy combatant met on the battlefield: death. Killing the enemy when located on the battlefield is justice.

It took ten years to eliminate Bin Laden and understand this; the resolve the United States to secure the nation is limitless. The USA will continue to hunt these barbarians down to their death not withstanding any time element.

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