Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bake sale on the Berkeley campus exposes the intolerance of tolerance pr...

The Democratic Party controlled California legislature is considering legislation requiring or allowing California State Colleges / Universities to use or consider a person’s skin color, race, gender another qualifier for admission.

The Republican Party student organization on the Berkeley Campus in California held a bake sale with the following price structure to illustrate the lunacy of this race-based proposal rooted in political correctness:

Of course the people who preach tolerance, the liberals and politically correct crowd where infuriated by this exposing their intolerance.

Diversity = Balkanization

The purpose of “diversity” being shoved down the throats of students throughout the nation is to divide this nation and keep it that way. A divided nation is a weakened nation. Remember these practitioners of “diversity” see the USA as the cause of much of which is wrong in the world. Cause the decline of the USA, and all will be right on this planet according to their pathetic thinking.

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