Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama's EPA targets coal AFTER the elections

President Obama, head of the regime announced a postponement in pending Environmental Protection Agency’s – EPA (Lisa Jackson administrator) on new regulations aimed at hindering coal powered electric generating plants. The postponement is until 2013.

These new rules are claiming to reduce smog, when in essence they reduce electric output and raise the price of electric. The Obama regime ordered the postponement as not to cause a negative impact upon the economy. That in itself is an admission by the President that these environmental regulations hinder and hurt the economy. In other words 21st century environmentalists are anti-capitalist masquerading and environmentalist.

President Obama did not want a worsening economy during a reelection year, however by moving the regulations to 2013, AFTER his hopeful reelection, not problem to damage the economy. See…….

President Obama (Democrat), the Democratic Party leadership, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and environmentalist are at heart anti-capitalist. Vote their way, and that is a vote cast against capitalism.

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