Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama's anti-Israel agenda takes a hit in New York City

The Obama Regime has been hostile to the friends and allies of the United States, while embracing the enemies of the USA. In pursuit of this agenda the Regime has been hostile to the nation of Israel, the only real Democracy in the Middle East and staunch ally to the USA.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during one visit to The White House was treated shabbily by President Obama (DEMOCRAT). The Obama regime berated Israel for the planned building of apartment buildings.

The disposed President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak kept the border between Egypt, the Gaza Strip (under the control of Hamas) and Israel secured. President Mubarak adhered to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel and kept track of and suppressed terrorist. During the uprisings in Egypt against President Mubarak the Obama regime urged, pressured, and pushed him to resign.

Now that President Mubarak is no longer president, the border with Israel has been hostile and terrorism has risen dramatically.

Democrat representative Anthony Weiner from the 9th Congressional District in New York covering parts of Brooklyn, and Queens, recently resigned due to improprieties involving the Internet and young girls. An election was held to fill his Congressional seat, between Democrat David Weprin and Republican Bob Turner.

The Democrat Weprin lost the election to the Republican Turner. This in a district that has had a Democrat representative for the last 88 or 90 years. This is a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1. The district is 40% Jewish. The Republican Turner who won is Roman Catholic, while the Democrat Weprin is Jewish.

This was a loud and clear rejection of the Obama agenda and his shabby treatment of Israel. However the news media, the Democrats and the regime are all trying to claims this election had no reflection upon the Obama regime’s hostile attitude towards Israel.

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