Friday, September 30, 2011

Tokyo, New York City both had demonstrations for Fuji TV & Wall Street

Please evaluate the contrast between demonstrations in Tokyo and New York City.

In August, 2011 there were demonstrations in Tokyo, Japan concerning a television station: Fuji TV. In September, 2011 demonstrations in New York City, “Occupy Wall Street.” For an explanation concerning the two demonstrations please see links to articles and a video below.

However this video is to illustrate the contrast between the two groups of demonstrators. No commentary is offered in this video or description. Commentary is being reserved for the viewers to leave it in the comment section to this video. Basically the videos of the two demonstrations offer all the commentary for themselves.

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Videos used:

Video of the Tokyo protest taken by good friend Takashi in Japan.

Also from YouTuber:


YouTuber’s Occupy Wall Street videos used with their consent:



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