Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eclectic collection of U.S. flags in a Texas cemetery

This video was inspired about another YouTuber: AbandonedScotland, here is the link to his channel:

Link to his inspirational video:

No message to this video other than an attempt at being artistic (stop laughing).

I was driving through the town I live in Texas, and came across a country cemetery sprinkled with an eclectic collection of United States flags placed among the tombstones.

Camera used is a DSLR with video capabilities: Nikon D3100, used a Nikkor 55 -200mm lens (“Nikkor” is a Nikon product), no filter. The ground was parched, and grass brown due to the long dry, drought affected summer in this part of Texas. Forgot to use a filter, perhaps next time will remember. But hey, this was my first time to attempt such a video.

Music titled: “Our Flag” by Bjorn Lynne, from the website (Neo Sounds).

This video is not to compete with AbandonedScotland, but shown as an inspiration from AbandonedScotland.

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