Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lotto / Loteria in Texas

Many states in the USA sell Lottery and/or Lotto tickets. Texas being one of those states sells both. One lotto ticket on sail in Texas is one titled: “Loteria.” Loteria in Spanish means Lotto. Nothing wrong with naming a lotto game Loteria, as that is good marketing and capitalism.

Texas is a border state and once part of Mexico, resulting in a large portion of the population with a Mexican heritage. Back to the Loteria lotto: To win one must scratch off that gray matter and reveal a “bean,” with the beans being in a row to win.

Beans? “Beaner” is an insult directed towards Mexicans. Rather confident the Texas Lottery Commission meant no offense to Texans with a Mexican heritage. What is surprising is no outcry about the name of the game. The USA is riddled with political correctness and diversity purposely on the march looking to be offended.

It is refreshing here to see the political correct thugs and diversity commissars have not been able to rile up those in Texas with a Mexican heritage. Seems like their attempt to Balkanize the USA is not working in Texas.

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