Sunday, August 28, 2011

President of Mexico blames their violence in part on the USA, no surpris...

Recently in Monterrey, Mexico bottom-feeder drug dealing gangsters doused a casino (Casino Royale) with gasoline and set a fire that killed at least 52 people. An horrific and tragic event to befallen upon the good people of Mexico.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico held a 20-minute address to the nation. President Calderon referred to these murderers as terrorist. He continued in his address: “Part of the tragedy that we Mexicans are living through has to do with the fact that we are next to the world’s greatest drug consumer, and also the greatest global arms vendor.”

President Calderon has joined the chorus of people around the globe who blame the USA for every tragedy from paper cuts to global warming on Mars. If the violence in Mexico caused by living next to the greatest drug consumer and global arms vendor,” then how come Canada does not surfer from having the USA as a neighbor as President Calderon claims?

The problem is that violence has been epidemic in Mexico long before there ever was a USA. A book written by Charles C. Mann, titled “1491” illustrates the barbaric behavior of the native inhabits of the Western Hemisphere long before Christopher Columbus set foot in 1492. Truth is no one people on this planet has a monopoly of barbaric behavior as it is epidemic in human history .

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