Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Budget deal where "we the people" lost

Them thar Democrats, the Republicans, and President Obama (Democrat) are all excited about a budget deal being reached in the eleventh hour.

Liberals and the leftist media pundits are critical of it as well are Tea Party Republicans both in and out of the Congress.

The deal signed by President Obama (Democrat) raises the national debt ceiling while lowering spending (so they say). Why must the debt ceiling be raised by two trillion dollars while spending is being reduced? That is because actual spending is not decreasing, but increasing, thus the need to raise the debt ceiling.

In Washington DC when they say reducing spending it does not mean what we in the real America know was reduce spending. Example: If the I.R.S. budget was slated for 2012 to have a 10% increase in their budget and then had it reduced to 7%, which in Washington, DC is a spending cut and a saving. Never mind the actual budget will rise by 7%.

We were told we needed this deal so the bond markets would not remove the USA’s triple A rating. However it is still in question because those markets wanted the USA to reduce spending by $4 trillion and that was not part of this deal. The stock market was supposed to rebound but instead surged in the other direction.

Republicans happy no tax increases part of the deal. On the surface that is, because the deal calls for a creation of a legislator commission made up of six Republicans and six Democrats. Can you see the new taxes now?

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