Thursday, August 11, 2011

London is burning, Chinese commies find validation, Japan to make money?

A 29 year-old thug, gang leader, drug dealer bottom feeder was shot by London police possibly in self-defense. This act of self-defense has caused the bottom-feeder free-loader, the takers in a society to use it as an excuse to loot and burn the neighborhoods they dwell in.

These bottom-feeder anarchists are white-trash, immigrants, or children of immigrants from third-world hovels with open sewers and no running water for proper sanitation. They slithered to the United Kingdom with their hands out-stretched bellowing the first words in their new country: “Gimme” (give-me).

No intention to work and why should they? If one is going to free-load the place to go is the United Kingdom – UK or Western Europe. In the UK they enjoy a monthly allowance, rent, food, healthcare, and education, without ever having to work for it. Not contended with these freebees they use the death of a 29 year-old thug as an excuse to loot for more free stuff. After all they are living in an entitlement culture they deserve all the stolen goods they can loot.

One bottom feeder who was looting was quoted as saying “In America, you have the tea party; in England, you’ve got this.” The difference is, in the United States of America members of the Tea Party are conservative and work hard for everything they own. American Tea Party members do not look for government handouts or expanded government; they look for smaller government and less government free-bees. They believe in personal responsibility, and self-reliance. reports a 6,000% increase of American baseball bat sales. People in the UK are ordering the bats because they are well-balanced for self-defense to be used by homeowners and shopkeepers to counter the bottom-feeder looters. UK has American bats for self-defense, in the USA there are American weapons for self-defense.

Some years ago the free-loading bottom-feeders in Los Angeles rioted and looted. The shops not looted where the shops where the owners stood in the doorway with their shotguns. Good old fashion American deterrence.

The commies in China are pointing towards the UK and admonishing them for not blocking social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Claiming in commie-land they block those social network sites to prevent similar behavior in The Middle Kingdom (China). Except for one thing: There have been riots long before the American creation of the Internet.

How come China with its number two soon to be number one economy has not been attracting immigrants to their borders as are attracted to the UK? Simple: In China if you do not work, you do not eat. Why starve in China for not working when one can go to the UK not work and develop a fat American belly?

11 March, 2011: Japan was assaulted with an earthquake and tsunami, a double disaster beyond human comprehension. In the aftermath the whole world was in awe of the Japanese for their civility and no looting. Is the word “looting” even in the Japanese vocabulary? Because of Japan’s civility in the midst of a national calamity perhaps they can help the authorities in the UK. Japan could set up education camps to teach the bottom-feeders arrested in the UK for their hooliganism and teach them civility. Remember it was the Japanese who literally wrote the book on civility, titled: Bushido.

However doubt Japan would want to soil their nation with these foreign low-lives.

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