Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands an update

Currently the rust-bucket garbage scows of the girly-man group She Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands looking to entice the good people of the Islands into an altercation either verbal or physical.

Animal Planet announced a spinoff to the current Whale Wars program called “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.” So who better to get dramatic video from than the decedents of the Vikings, the good people of the Faroe Islands?

With their rust-bucket garbage scows in tow the Bob Barker, the Bridgett Bardot, and the Steve Irwin all currently looking foolish in the waters of the Faroe Islands. To the point the good people there have renamed Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson to: “Paulrus” (a cross between “Paul” and “walrus).

While the children of Sea Shepherd along with Captain Kangaroo (Admiral Beauregard Watson / “The Paulrus”) were in the Faroe Islands town of Vestmanna, they stop at a local pub for nourishment. They walked into the pub, “Bryggjan,” and the Captain ordered his favorite vegetable dish, chicken! According to reliable and verified eye witnesses the vegans ordered chicken. Since members of the She Shepherd cult believe all that is said by The Paulrus, then we have to assume chicken is now a vegetable because otherwise they would not have ordered chicken.

The chicken served was not free-range or organic chicken, but factory chicken. The type coming from enormous chicken mills stuffed in tight small cages. What no animal rights for the chickens?

Sea Shepherd being refused fuel in the Faroe Islands to sail to the Shetland Islands (Scotland) to refuel. On their way back to the Faroe Islands they came across some whales. In an attempt to dissuade the whales from swimming to the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd inserted an acoustic device in the waters to turn the direction of the whales away from the islands. When whales beach themselves lunatics blame the United States Navy (USN) because of their acoustic devices. However when Sea Shepherd uses these devices, no harm done because the intelligent whales apparently can tell the difference between the U.S. Navy and Sea Shepherd.

Incidentally She Shepherd smuggled their acoustic device past Scottish, Danish, and Faroe Islands authorities. These smugglers also smuggled spud guns past Australian authorities to use in the Southern Ocean attempting to cause harm to the Japanese mariners (Japanese whalers).

On the night of 12 August 2011 near Vestmanna, Faroe Islands, when She Shepherd turned off their A.I.S (Automatic Identification System [much like a GPS]) they violated two international bodies / laws: International Maritime Organization – IMO, and International Convention for the Safety of Live at Sea – SOLAS. Both of which require vessels of the Steve Irwin to keep their A.I.S. on at all times.

The She Shepherd rust bucket garbage scow the Steve Irwin was in the Nolsoyarfjorour waters between Torshavn and Nolsoy, when they noticed two Danish naval ships and a Norwegian submarine sailing into the waters. Frantically to be captured on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars cameras Captain Kangaroo Admiral Beauregard Watson The Paulrous immediately started broadcasting on their communication device and demanding of the three military vessels, “What are you intentions, what are you intentions!” Adding to this illusion of a drama the girly men launched their helicopter probably to capture the made up drama on video for the show.

Fact is yes there were two Danish vessels and a Norwegian submarine. However She Shepherd has an over inflated sense of self, because those vessels were not headed towards or concerned with Sea Shepherd. The Norwegian submarine was making a courtesy port call in the Faroe Islands for an annual event called Sjomannadagur.

It will be interesting to see how their video footage of this event would be masqueraded on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.”

To the good people of the Faroe Islands: Do not allow these cultist draw you into a confrontation of any type. They need some type of dramatic video for their reality television program. Without dramatic video footage, the program becomes a failure, and in that failure they are deprived money.

If you allow them to get you upset, you are then allowing them to earn money. Instead when you see them, just point at them and laugh. Liberals of their type are ill-equipped to handle happy people when they are always upset.

When they start to video, take out your Faroese flags and waive it between their cameras and what they are attempting to video. Deny them the drama they seek by smiling, laughing, and proudly waiving your flag. God bless all of you in the Faroe Islands.

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