Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fuji TV 21 August rally, really! Non-violent political activism is healthy

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Japanese pop culture actor Sousuke Takaoka recently Twitted his sentiments concerning the Korean wave (Hallyu wave) on Japanese television. He basically was not in favor of what he says is an increase in Korean entertainment on Japanese television and he noted Fuji TV for this. For expressing his thoughts on the subject the entertainment agency he worked for, fired him.

This upset and caused the ire of like-minded Japanese citizens. Early in August, 2011 a rally was held in front of Fuji TV to express their displeasure with the television station. People carried Japanese flags and sung the national anthem, the Kimigayo. Because of the flags and song they were labeled, “right-wing” and / or “nationalist.” Huh?

In the USA singing the national anthem and waving the America flag does not belong to “right-wingers.” It belongs to all people within the political spectrum. Love of country should be the property of all citizens of a nation. The nation’s anthem and flag should not be in the exclusive realm of a political philosophy or allowed to be thrown in that direction.

The people at the Fuji TV rally for the most part are not “nationalist,” they are patriots. Patriotism and not nationalism is good for all countries. Patriots in Japan are labeled nationalist or right-wing by those who deplore love of nation and attempt to shut down such love by name calling. It does not work!

Non-violent political activism is healthy for any representative democracy, and should be encouraged not discouraged. It is good to see citizens to get away from or put down their electronic devices and physically gather with like-minded citizens to express their views – bully for them!

21 August, 2011 there is another planned rally in front of Fuji TV. People who plan to attend bring your flags and your video cameras. Video cameras? Sure, this way you can video large groups and ask them to say together, “really” (“reeeaally”). This is a shameful plug for my contest, shame on me. Then please post these videos as a response to my contest video: “Really a contest about ‘really.’” Here is the link:

The contest video will also be posted as a video response to this video.

Back to the subject: The Korean wave on Japanese TV, what’s the problem? In order for those shows to be on Japanese TV that means a whole lot of people in Japan are watching those programs resulting in advertisers paying to advertise on those programs. If the viewers were not there, the advertisers would not advertise.

While Japan and South Korea are pointing fingers at one another over pop-culture, their big Asian nation, the commies in China are increasing their belligerent behavior. The commies recently launched an aircraft carrier. To deter commie aggression the Philippines recently announced increase military spending. What is Japan and South Korea doing? Worrying about pop-culture. The nations of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan should put aside what divides them, and concentrate of what unites them, that being the growing belligerent and menacing behavior of the commies in China.

Sorry folks it has to be said (and written).

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