Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sea Shepherd fails in the Faroe Islands amidst the Viking spirit

Currently the rust-bucket garbage scows of the girly-man group She Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands looking to entice the good people of the Islands into an altercation either verbal or physical. Why? Good question, now the answer:

During the last whaling season in the Southern Ocean the Japanese whalers ended their whale hunt a month early, thus depriving Sea Shepherd of dramatic video needed for the Animal Planet show “Whale Wars.” Basically the season was a dud without that video.

Animal Planet announced a spinoff to the current Whale Wars program called “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.” So who better to get dramatic video from than the decedents of the Vikings, the good people of the Faroe Islands?

With their rust-bucket garbage scows in tow the Bob Barker, the Bridgett Bardot, and the Steve Irwin all currently looking foolish in the waters of the Faroe Islands. To the point the good people there have renamed Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson to: “Paulrus” (a cross between “Paul” and “walrus).

The Paulrus (Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson) reserved a conference room in the capital city of Torshavn “Havn.” Soon afterwards the Captain (Paulrus) it is reported wrote the mass murderer of Norway Anders Breivik (terrorist attacks 22 July 2011) got his inspiration from the people of the Faroe Islands.

This national insult to the people of the Faroe Islands further united the people in their determination to deprive Sea Shepherd the dramatic video they are trying to instigate in addition the hotel canceled the Paulrus’s reservation, subsequently other hotels and restaurants refused to rent anything to the shunned cowards of She Shepherd.

Every year there is a regatta in the Faroe Islands. On Friday around 80 small boats head together to participate in the regatta. Aboard Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow the Bridget Bardot is Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead) as First Mate or something. They saw the regatta and immediately gave chase thinking the regatta was chasing whales, so the Bridget Bardot with Cabin Boy chased the regatta. While Sea Shepherd’s helicopter was in the air perhaps videoing the Bridget Bardot among the vessels. Any bets this video footage will end up on Whale Wars showing the Bridget Bardot giving chase to the vessels chasing whales, when in fact there were no whales thus no whale chase.

When the Bridget Bardot arrived in the Faroe Islands the good people of the Faroe Islands gave them a Viking’s welcome. They set up tables of free food for Sea Shepherd. However Sea Shepherd avoided the whale meat offered to them instead ate some fruit and vegetables.

It has been reported the gas / oil companies of EFFO and MAGN refuse to sell petroleum to Sea Shepherd unless it will be used for them to sail away from the Faroe Islands. The Steve Irwin Sea Shepherd vessel spent Saturday circling the Faroe Islands perhaps looking where to instigate trouble for their video cameras.

Link to photos of Sea Shepherd’s trust-fund babies water difficulties:


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