Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry the brunt of news media attacks, th...

As soon as the governor of Texas Rick Perry, Republican announced his run for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, the American news media with their Democratic Party bias went into attack mode.

The Dallas Morning News dutifully joined the attack-Perry chorus with continued negative articles. Recently in their August 18, 2011 issue practically a whole page of their editorial section was devoted to debasing the Governor.

One column titled, “Both he and Romney are mediocre choices, says Ross Douthat, and help point out Christie’s strengths,” written by The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. The column claims Governor Perry is not moderate enough while claiming the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is too moderate. Huh? A glowing example of the media contradicting themselves while attempting to have it both ways.

Want to know who to vote for? Easy whomever the news media is attacking to please their overlords in the Democratic Party that is the one to vote for. Because by their attacks they are telling us who they fear.

Governor Rich Perry is not riddled with political correctness, he is a Christian, a proud Texan, and he is a conservatives. All attributes to cause condemnation from the so-called established news media (lackeys of the Democratic Party) and the entertainment industry, another Democratic Party organ.

One day in Texas Governor Perry was jogging. Coming at him on the trail was one of them thar coyotes a Texas varmint. The Governor takes out his revolver and kills the dangerous varmint. People complained could he not just have scared the beast away. Why so it could attempt to attack another. Questions: Who carries a gun while jogging? Easy answer: 1 – a Texan, 2 – The governor of Texas!

Perry in 2012.

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