Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama Regime (Democrats) assists the commies in China with their invasio...

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) ordered 66 new F-16C/D jet fighters (F16’s). The Obama regime bowing to their overlords in the commie Chinese military will deny the sale. Currently there is a treaty between the USA and Taiwan: the Taiwan Relations Act, which commits the United States to keep Taiwan supplied with arms for defense.

In keeping with this act the Obama Regime (Democrats) stated they will instead upgrade older aircraft. This of course will be difficult to maintain compatibility with the older aircraft. However pleasing the commie military in The Middle Kingdom – commie-led China.

This is further proof the Democratic Party leadership of the 21st century cares not for the security of the United States nor its allies. When President Obama got elected an immediate concern for Taiwan, South Korean, and Japan knowing the commies in China would get belligerent while a Democrat occupies The White House. Greatest fear was for Taiwan which the commies claim as their own.

Question to ask: Why would the commies object to F16’s in Taiwan unless they have plans to invade? Because it is well known Taiwan with those F16’s would not initiate an invasion or hostilities with the mainland (commie-land). The commie military in China purchased the Clintonistas (Bill and his wife Hillary Clinton). During both Bill and Hillary’s presidential campaigns, they accepted illegal campaign donations from the commie military in China.

Democrats: Embrace America’s enemies while tossing aside the allies. Democrat Party leadership of the 21st century are only loyal to the pursuit of the next election, not to the nation or the allies. How anyone in America who cares about the security of the nation and allied nations can ever vote for a Democrat is bewildering.

Warning to the allies in Asia: May want to start developing your military to counter commie military aggression from China, because as long as the USA keeps electing Democrats into office, the reliability factor is a minus zero.

The pain continues: Because the Democrat Regime of President Obama declined this sale, it means a 16,000 American jobs lost, 768 million dollars in tax revenue to the treasury lost. Now what was that President Obama keeps saying about creating American jobs? Not if the overlords in commie-land object.

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