Thursday, September 13, 2012

West Nile Virus Controversy Dallas County

West Nile Virus Controversy Dallas County

Dallas County, Texas, USA is ground zero in the USA for the outbreak of West Nile virus from mosquito bites.  Around 894 people have been infected, around 34 died.

County officials ordered spraying by air in those cities asking for it.

Not so fast!  Some Democrats on the County’s Commissioner’s Court along with environmentalist object.  They claim the spraying will harm beneficial insects and small fish.  To them an insect or fish is more valuable than a human.  Then when that did not stop the spraying, they came back and said the spraying should stop because it does not work.

Huh?  If the spraying does not work then that means it could not harm “beneficial insects and small fish.”  These lunatics talk out of both sides of the mouth while having no idea what they are talking about.        

Bug spray used: Off Deep Woods Off.

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