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Sea Shepherd Paul Watson communique

Sea Shepherd Paul Watson communique

The titular head of Sea Shepherd Paul Watson is currently in hiding.  He is an international fugitive wanted on three continents by three governments.  Mr. Watson jumped bail in Germany and is on the run.  Speculation (rumor started here) is Mr. Watson is hiding in Bridgette Bardot’s root cellar.  Bardot currently lives in France, is a supporter of Watson, and no passport needed to travel from Germany to France. 

While in hiding / on the run, Paul Watson issued a communique August 28, 2012 (see link below) trying to explain his position.  When reading what he wrote one will read the writings of a man disconnected from reality, a pathetic man.  This video selects a few parts of the communique to ridicule, ooops, meant to write: This video selects a few parts of the communique to counter with the truth.

Fugitive Watson wrote:  “Of the hundreds of millions of dollars contributed from around the world to the victims of that disaster, an allocation of some $30 million dollars was given to the whalers to fight Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. That is certainly not what the people who sent donations ever imagined that their contributions “would be spent on.”

Fact Check: Pure fictions (a polite way to write “lie”).  The money donated to the earthquake tsunami fund went directly for that.  The “$30 million” given to the whalers was from Japanese tax money, not donations. 

Fugitive Watson wrote: “The crew was recruited by Pete Bethune to help man his vessel, the Ady Gil, and were not Sea Shepherd crewmembers, but Sea Shepherd still worked with them to try to stop the Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherd rescued them when their ship was rammed and destroyed.  Note that Pete Bethune was not a Sea Shepherd Captain either.”

Fact Check: When Peter Bethune was in a jail in Tokyo, Sea Shepherd threw him out of the organization.  How can they throw him out of Sea Shepherd if he was not a member?  The Ady Gil was also part of Sea Shepherd’s fleet because when it joined the fleet, they boasted about it.  According to Sea Shepherd their new water craft will contribute to deterring the Japanese in the
Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd claiming the ADY Gil is or was part of their fleet:
Fugitive Watson wrote: “Other incidents by Japan have also not been investigated including the ramming of the Bob Barker by one of the harpoon vessels….”

Fact Check:  How come the fugitive is not calling for an investigation into the numerous ramming by Sea Shepherd inflicted upon Japanese vessels?     

Fugitive Watson wrote: “Another bit of misinformation is that I am fugitive from justice. I am not, and it is not a crime for anyone to work with or assist me. It is a complicated case, but I am not wanted outside of Japan, Costa Rica and Germany.”

Fact Check:  How can he write he is not a fugitive from justice then write he is wanted in Japan, Costa Rica, and Germany?  Huh?

Fugitive Watson wrote:  “If I am captured and politically crucified before this campaign all I can say is that this has always been for me a possibility and the Japanese will find that I am not as meek and unprepared as their previous prisoner. The loss of my personal freedom or even my life will be a fair price…..”

Fact Check:  He is implicating when Peter Bethune was in Japanese custody he was passive.  Also indicating if the same faith falls upon him he would not be passive.  Really?  Once handcuffed by Japanese authorities speculation (rumor started here) is he will fall to the ground in a fetal position whimpering in fear. 

Reading the full text of what he wrote he takes absolutely no responsibility for his pass actions and behaviors.  Anything negative the resulted he is not to be held accountable for, but to blame others.  Most recently to blame Japan and Peter Bethune. 

This is one pathetic man suffering emotionally and should be prayed for.  May he live a long healthy life, long enough to see the error of his behavior. 

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