Monday, September 17, 2012



Many strip shopping centers have a sign post near the road advertising the stores located on the premises.  One location in Dallas County, Texas has a pharmacy.  On the sign post near the road it is written:  farmacia (Spanish) and صيدلية (Arabic), nowhere on the sign post in English. 

Welcome to America if you can find it.

Another topic in this video:  Throughout the USA there are inns named “La Quinta.”  In Spanish “la quinta” means “the fifth.”  While “quinta” in Mexico is a type of hacienda (estate, large home). 

In the USA there is a joke: 

“What does ‘La Qunita’ mean in Spanish?” 

Answer: “behind Denny’s”

The reasoning is most La Quinta Inns seem to be located behind Denny’s restaurants.  Some would say the two are inseparable. 

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