Friday, September 21, 2012

Romney 47%

Romney 47%

Republican Mitt Romney comments 47% of Americans who are in the wagon most likely will not vote for him.  Resulting in him not worrying about their vote as oppose to worrying about getting so-called “independence” to vote for him.  This caused the bias news media and Democrats to declare this was an offense of Biblical proportions and Romney should concede defeat. 

Once again a clear illustration of news media distraction.  What about President Obama’s comments to “redistribute” the wealth?  Socialist rhetoric from the President is common and accepted by the news media.  What about President Obama basically apologizing to the murderous mobs in the Middle East? The news media was critical of Romney being critical of these murderous mobs in the Middle East, while he defended American values and liberties. 

This bias media is appealing to the Democrat Party base.  As Rush Limbaugh said they are appealing to the “moron vote.”        

Rush Limbaugh at times reports on “random acts of journalism” by the news media.  That is when in rare moment some journalist actually reports the news from the center.     

This DNC Convention is a parade of socialist, those who are being pulled in the wagon, the dependent class, and pro-abortion gang masquerading as protecting “reproductive rights.”  They claim to be pro-choice as long as the choice is abortion. 

Day two we saw liars, law breakers and heathens.  Explanation:

X-rated President Bill Clinton had his law license revoked for lying to a federal grand jury.  Plus his speech at the convention was riddled with half-truths, omissions, and difficulties with reality.

An admitted and proud law breaker spoke to the convention.  She entered the USA illegally and is reported to still be illegal.  How did she get in when a photo ID was required?

Article on illegal addressing the convention:,0,4708196.story

God was booed!  Reference to God and Jerusalem were omitted from the Democratic Party’s platform.  Where in previous years “God” was mentioned.  After receiving criticism for the Democrats continued war on faith, President Obama requested the two words be inserted back.  It came up to a vote at the convention.  It was a voice vote held three times and each time it was about 50 / 50.  50% for, 50% against (see video link below).  However the chairman claimed it was 2/3 in favor.  That is when the floor erupted in boo’s for adding God.  To be honest hopefully the delegates’ were booing the process where the Democrat ignored the vote thus ignoring the democratic process.     

Democrats and God at the convention:

Article 4th of July parade could turn children into Republicans:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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