Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flower men in South Korea, thanks to Japan?

Flower men in South Korea, thanks to Japan?

The Dallas Morning News (DMN) printed an article from The Associated Press (AP), titled, “’Flower men’ bloom in South Korea.”

Apparently according to the article “flower men” are growing in South Korea.  The article describes “flower men” as men who adore themselves with female make up and are effeminate.  The same article clams effeminate men are becoming very popular in South Korea. 

Want to bet the same cannot be written about their counterparts north of the 38th parallel in The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea (commie-land). 

The article attributes the blooming of flower men in The Land of Morning Calm” (South Korea) to a South Korean soccer player: Ahn Jung-hwan who joined other athletes selling male cosmetics.  Also attributed or blames was the infusion of Japanese culture, as written in the article:

Things changed in the late 1990’s when South Korea’s government ended a ban on cultural goods from Japan when South Koreans became exposed to diverse views on male beauty, including comics illustrating “pretty, effeminate men.”  

Nothing wrong with men behaving effeminately, but please do not blame Japan because South Korea is becoming the Flower Men kingdom of Asia. 

Men’s Egg a fashion magazine in Japan with countless photographs of young men in new trendy fashions seems to be absent of men in makeup. 

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