Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sea Shepherd donate now

Sea Shepherd donate now

The dummy with the dummy about the dummy! 

Sea Shepherd’s fugitive Paul Watson is reported to be at sea eluding authorities after jumping bail in Germany.  Keeping the fugitive Watson a fugitive could be rather expensive for the Sea Shepherd organization. 

The dummies are appealing to suckers around the world to donate to Sea Shepherd to help pay $1.5 million for fuel to keep their rust bucket garbage scows afloat.  Also the fuel will be used to engage in illegal eco-terrorist activities against the Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean this whaling season. 

Help keep the fugitive a fugitive.  Remember their façade of a mission to save the oceans?  When the whales are saved so are oceans.  Keeping fugitive Watson a fugitive at sea saves Sea Shepherd and by extension the whales and the oceans.  As William Shakespeare wrote a proverb in his play “Henry the Fifth,”

     “A fool and his money are soon parted.”    

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NOTE: video made using a Canon SX40 HS.

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1 comment:

Dirk said...

After viewing and reading your post I just donated.
I did it mostly to piss you off as you are an uneducated buffoon.
I wish you did actually bust propaganda but you seem to spew it forth like some form of verbal diarrhea.
I think now after every stupid post you make that has more propaganda in it than truth i will donate to sea shepherd/
Thanks Tony for giving me an inventive to donate.
oo it was $500 bucks this time.