Sunday, September 9, 2012

China hates Hillary Clinton

China hates Hillary Clinton - so?

United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madame Secretary, has recently caught the ire of the commies in China. 

Background:  The belligerent commies in Beijing (China – The Middle Kingdom – Commie led China) have been getting aggressive exercising their economic and military might in the South China sea stealing and trying to steal islands belonging to other nations. 

The belligerents (commies in China) have land / sea disputes with Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Brunei.  Prior flying to China, Madame Secretary was in Indonesia when she suggested these disputes be addressed within a regional organization the “Association of South East Asian Nations,” euphemistically referred to as ASEAN.     

This suggestion infuriated the commies and they accused the USA of meddling in their internal affairs, also accusing the USA of being the aggressor.  Huh?

The USA the aggressor?  It is the commie’s military forcibly inserted themselves in waters belonging to other nations.  It is the commie military announced they will inhabit island(s) belonging to the Philippines.  Also how is it an “internal” affair when they have disputes with five other nations?

Tough to write this, but Bill’s wife Hillary was correct.  Addressing these disputes within ASEAN would help stave off any military action. 

The commie newspaper (Global Times) wrote: “Many Chinese people dislike Hillary Clinton.”  Hey China, many American people also dislike Hillary Clinton – ha ha ha – you are not alone there. 

Another Chinese news agency (New China News Agency) wrote:  her trip is “aimed at curbing China’s growing influence.”  What the commies’ label “influence,” the rest of the civilized world calls it “belligerency.”     

Bill’s wife Hillary gets snubbed by the commies in China:

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