Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reproductive Rights vs Contraceptive Rights

Reproductive Rights vs. Contraceptive Rights?

Nationally known Sandra Fluke a “reproductive rights activist” as described by The Dallas Morning News recently spoke at Southern Methodist University – SMU.

Reporting on Miss Fluke’s address at SMU, the DMN (The Dallas Morning News) wrote women need access to contraception.  Question: who was or is denying women to purchase contraceptives?  Reading further into the article is seems Miss Fluke would like to see either the government or insurance companies pay for contraceptives. 

First:  Why should tax payers pay for women’s contraceptives?  Should not the women engaging in sexual activity be responsible for the contraceptives or her sexual partner?

Second:  Contraceptives stop reproduction.  So how can Miss Fluke be labeled a reproductive activists when she advocates free contraceptives that will stop reproduction?

Third:  The article mentions Miss Fluke supports birth control to help prevent “unintended pregnancies.”  Hello, would not having sex prevent “unintended pregnancies” without any cost to the tax payer or insurance companies?     

The Dallas Morning News article:

Video of Sandra Fluke at the Democratic National Convention:

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