Monday, September 24, 2012

The Imperial Presidency

The Imperial Presidency  

In some countries they have what is referred to as a “constitutional monarchy.”  That term describes a monarchy basically a figure-head while affairs of state and the legislative process belong to an elected body.  While the monarchy is the head of state in name only, a figure head.

In the USA under the Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama, we have an imperial president with figure heads in the Congress, the legislative body, the elected body.  The President in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution makes laws while the legislative body, the Congress is muted, a figure head of a body.

The Dream Act did not pass in Congress.  It would have given certain advantages for a select group of illegal aliens.  Since the Congress failed to pass the bill, President Obama by executive decree order the government to enact, enforce aspects of the defeated legislation.

When President Clinton was soiling The White House, the Republican controlled Congress passed welfare reform.  Part of which welfare recipients had to demonstrate and willingness to work and seek employment.  Once again by executive degree imperial President Obama eliminated that requirement for welfare recipients. 

Other countries have a figurehead monarchy; the USA has a figurehead Congress. 

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