Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sea Shepherd fund raiser idea?

Sea Shepherd fund raiser idea?

Photographs taken from a video on the same topic.

Sea Shepherd’s fugitive Paul Watson is reported to be at sea eluding authorities after jumping bail in Germany.  Keeping the fugitive Watson a fugitive could be rather expensive for the Sea Shepherd organization. 

Sea Shepherd should consider selling Sea Shepherd jewelry.  But not just any jewelry, but special jewelry more befitting a fugitive.  Sea Shepherd could sell handcuffs inscribed with “Save Our Skipper” and / or “S.O.S.”

The handcuffs used in this video were purchased at a dollar store for $2.50.  Can be resold to Sea Shepherd supporters / minions / cultists / suckers / morons for around $25.00 or $30.00 each.

A companion piece or standalone piece a fake sheriff or police badge as the fugitive at one time use to wear with pride and authority.  This too can be with “Save Our Skipper” and / or “S.O.S.”

Help keep the fugitive a fugitive.  Remember their façade of a mission to save the oceans?  When the whales are saves so are oceans.  Keeping fugitive Watson a fugitive at sea saves Sea Shepherd and by extension the whales and the oceans.  As William Shakespeare wrote a proverb in his play “Henry the Fifth,”

     “A fool and his money are soon parted.”    

Inscribed handcuffs and badge can be sold in time for the busy Christmas season.

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