Friday, September 7, 2012

Japan Dolphin Day the road show

Japan Dolphin Day in Taiji the road show

Through internet social media “Japan Dolphin Day” was held in many cities and locations around the world on August 31, 2012 and September 1, 2012.  The goal was to bring attention to the dolphin harvesting in the peaceful, remote seaside village of Taiji, Japan. 

A group of these emotional wrecks made the pilgrimage to Taiji, Japan to hold up anti-dolphin harvesting signs at the seaside in an area known as the Cove.  There was about twenty-six of this group made up mostly of foreigners.  A conservative figure of around $100,000 must have been spent collectively for this trip. 

Just think how better that money could have been spent to benefit humanity directly rather than wasted to fulfill the emotional emptiness by these near-cultists. 

They held signs, they held hands, walked in the water, and created plenty of video and photographs.  All this under the welcoming eyes of Japanese citizens who showed up to greet these intrusive foreigners.  When the foreigner’s bus arrived the Japanese welcoming crowd was already there waving Japanese flags and signs. 

Frightened and stunned by this scene the foreigners did not disembark from the bus at their predetermined location.  Instead they drove down the road, parked illegally and left the bus to walk to the seaside to hold up signs. 

At the end of the day in the seaside village of Nachikatsuura (Nachi-Katsuura) Wakayama Prefecture, a neighboring town to Taiji, Japan, the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd were spotted in front of the hotel “Blue Harbor” they were investing (fleas, bed bugs, tics, lice, and yeast infections?).  When Japanese citizens called out to these brave Cove Guardians, they slithered inside the hotel to avoid a healthy dialog.  Before doing so one Cove Guardian littered the front of the hotel with a discarded cigarette, while another was brushing his teeth in public (is this trust-fund baby behavior?). 

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