Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sea Shepherd minions only hate Japanese whalers - really?

Sea Shepherd minions only hate
 Japanese whalers – really?

 On many anti-Sea Shepherd videos, She Shepherd minions / cultists leave comments some to the effect: “I do not hate all the Japanese, just the whalers.”  Or, “I only hate the Japanese who murder the dolphins, not all the Japanese.”  Really?

Earth to the minions:  you cannot separate the whalers and dolphin gathers from the Japanese.  Can you separate the red, white, and blue from the USA flag?  No!  Can you separate the stars and stripes from the USA flag?  Again, no.  If you hate the red, white, blue, stars, and stripes on the USA flag, then you hate the USA flag.

Whaling and dolphin harvesting has been part of Japanese culture since before recorded time.  To write you only hate the whalers and dolphin harvesters does not work, it is weak.  Your attempt to place yourself in a somewhat lofty and intellectual position fails.  Face it the only reason you hate the dolphin gathers and whalers is because of a hostility that is latent within your being.  Face reality, you are attempting to masquerade your hate for a whole people by trying to bucket it.  Sorry it is transparent and seen by rational people for what it is.

Japan is made of islands and traditionally people who live on islands get their sustenance (Sea Sustenance) from the sea and that includes dolphins and whales.      

Samurai helmet a gift from Maskazu Ogaw (“Joe”) of the Garyu Corporation:

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Japanese sword: a gift from a good gentleman in Japan.

Samurai umbrella a gift from the two gentlemen in the photograph used in this video.

Samurai t-shirt purchased at the Buddhist Sensoji Temple (金龍山浅草寺, Kinryū-zan Sensōji) in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

so you are defending the japanese position of destroying the oceans ecosystem?

Anonymous said...

The way you shake your fist when you speak reminds me of Hitler. Oh, and learn how to spell.