Sunday, April 1, 2012

Unpacking MadBadVoodo's package

Unpacking MadBadVoodo’s package

MadBadVoodo’s YouTube channel (Kentucky Colonel Hunter):

Kentucky Colonel Shun’s YouTube channel:

Good friend and outstanding YouTuber, Kentucky Colonel Hunter sent a package.  In the package were  three MadBadVoodo t-shirts, two black, one red.  Two of the t-shirts are for his fellow Kentucky Colonel, Colonel Shun of Japan. 

In addition in the package were two CASE knives (made in the U.S.A.).  One of the knives for Kentucky Colonel Shun has the Kentucky Colonel marking engraved into it. 

Also in the package a SONY camcorder external microphone with a windsock.  This is for Takashi in Japan for his camcorder.

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