Tuesday, April 3, 2012

“Whale Wars: Viking Shores”
another Sea Shepherd failure

Discovery Channel Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” is about Sea Shepherd’s visit to the Faroe Islands in 2011.   

Sea Shepherd went there to stop whale hunting that did not happen.  She Shepherd attempted to engage in a confrontation with the locals and that too never happened.  Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd were failures in trying to get dramatic video from the good people of the Faroe Islands. 

The descendants of the Vikings in the Faroe Islands knew what Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd were up to, that they needed dramatic video for their cable channel television show.  Sea Shepherd’s numerous attempts to initiate a confrontation were met with failure as the good people of the Faroe Islands did not cooperate by not participating. 

Also the whales that are so intelligent did not cooperate with Sea Shepherd by not swimming into the Faroe Islands to provide free food. 

Below is a link to Whale Wars trailer about the show and it is absolutely amazing for its honesty.  They used video footage over twenty years old because newer confrontational video does not exists.  The trailer shows Sea Shepherd engaged in terrorist activities by firing rockets at the Faroe police.  Proving they are indeed terrorist. 

They even mention in the trailer that the whales the Faroese harvest are pilot whales that are NOT endangered and have been harvested by the Faroese for over a thousand years.    The trailer’s narrator provided information and details that support the people of the Faroe Islands while noting the belligerency of the cult group She Shepherd. 

Link to the trailer:

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