Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where are the Cove Guardians from
Sea Shepherd?

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians hiding under a rock?
In March Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians where on the receiving end of a Japanese smack down in Taiji, Japan.  These brave Cove Guardians left Taiji in fear with the assistance of a Japanese police escort.

Have these brave defenders of selected sea creatures, the Cove Guardians returned to Taiji?  The minions of the cult group She Shepherd continue to claim they are willing to forfeit their lives to save whales.  Since Taiji is a dolphin center, guess is She Shepherd is not willing to forfeit anything for the dolphins.  Do the dolphins know this? 

How come these foreign imperialist have not posted any videos from Taiji since they ran out of Taiji?  How come they have not posted the video of them being refused entry into Taiji’s Whaling Museum?  Great to read the good, honest, decent inhabitants of Taiji are refusing to permit these foreign dolts to roam the town with impunity.

These brave (actually cowards) slithered out of Taiji in fear of opposition.  Japanese citizens confronted these brave foreigners (Cove Guardians) as the Cove Guardians have confronted Taiji citizens in the past, and the Cove Guardians could not handle it.  They frantically jumped in their vehicle and left town protected by the Japanese police.  Ha ha ha ha

Cove Guardians: Where are you latest    videos from Taiji?

Here is a link to Sea Shepherd’s own video showing the Cove Guardians shivering in fear and receiving a police escort from the very police department the Cove Guardians have been and are still critical of:

Here is Sea Cowards video showing their police escort claiming they were being chased by the Japanese:

Here are two links showing the full video from the Japanese:



Alex Lewis said...
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Alex Lewis said...

You do realize that the cove guardians simply cannot "save" the dolphins with force. If they even attempt to get into the water they are arrested on site and often deported (never allowed to re-enter). These people give up their lives to protest. They also want to keep track of how many dolphins are being captured and slaughtered. Legally it's not going to help ANY dolphins to attack the fisherman or set any dolphins free. I would like to add that several guardians in the past HAVE attempted to free the dolphins and have suffered from the consequences. They dolphins they set free ended up being slaughtered any way.

Anonymous said...

Pilot whale is NOT a dolphin!!!

Anonymous said...

The she shepherds are a bunch of naive yuppies thinking that they can change traditions by coercion and force. Their captain is a fat ass, and a pirate! If he has the balls to claim that he and his merry band of morons can save hundreds of whales, then why don't they go tango with the somalian pirates, who also illegally fish. The sea shepherd idiots make wildlife conservation look like a joke, and anyone who thinks they are heros, should grow some and go join them. Hopefully, the main vessel gets sunk, or they get arrested.