Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tony searching for Sea Shepherd in Taiji Japan

Tony searching for Sea Shepherd in Taiji Japan

In May of 2011 went to Taiji, Japan.  This is the fishing village harassed and vilified by Sea Shepherd and their cult minions called the Cove Guardians.  Their energy deriving from suckers around the world donating and the movie “The Cove.”  During this visit we came across a gentleman who is a political activist with one of this vehicles with loudspeakers on the roof.

I went back to Taiji in April, 2012 and met up with this gentleman again.  Using his vehicle and loudspeakers we traveled through Taiji looking for Sea Shepherd blasting a message through the loudspeakers look for these cultists. 

Note:  The necessary permits and permissions were approved by the local authorities allowing for the use of the loudspeakers as seen in this video.  © copyright 2012 

Enjoy this video.

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