Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tony's First day in Japan -- 2012

Tony’s First day in Japan 2012

My first day in Japan traveled from Narita Airport to Tokyo to Osaka.

Stopped at a restaurant the same one I ate at first in 2011. Notice while Shun changed clothes, I am still wearing the same from the 2011 Japan trip. American Airlines during the 13 hour flight from Dallas to Japan fed us two snacks and two meals. When we arrived at the restaurant I was not too hungry and ordered the salad, however I had to make the video showing the food of Shun and Manabu illustrating the difference with my salad.

The sign written Japanese "foreigner" was made to use later on in my visit however used on the hotel room door to have a little fun.

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Link to Osaka and Tokyo conferences information:

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NewMoonOnMonday said...

How's you, Daddy?

I believe you had a on-line chat event when visiting Japan, but I totally missed it!

But it's OK, we can see how you enjoyed the stay.