Monday, March 12, 2012

Stay focused, this election is about the economy

Stay focused, this election is about the economy

This video illustrates another in a long line of journalistic malfeasance and or constitutional malfeasance committed by the bias news media in these here United States of America – USA. This activity will increase as this election season accelerates – 2012 Presidential election.

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News was an article from the Associated Press headlined “Romney used private email for state work.” The AP (Associated Press) obtained under the Massachusetts Public Records Law once governor of the state Mitt Romney’s emails. The AP basically data mined Governor Romney’s emails. NOTE: Mitt Romney is Republican – GOP (Grand Old Party).

Question: Did the AP data mine the emails with ex-rated President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore (snake oil salesman), and President Barack Obama? NOTE: All Democrats – DNC (Democrat National Committee). If they did, was it reported?

Seems like the bias news media only is data mining Republicans as the also did Governor Sarah Palin.

On the same page the above article appeared, appeared another article from the AP, “Obama touts job growth.” Enough written as the headline explains it all. Basically on the same page it read Romney bad, Obama good. Thank you bias news media.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a free press. Question: When will the USA get that free press? It is not that the government took over the news media, it is basically the news media surrendered itself to the Democratic Party.

The Romney article:

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