Monday, March 26, 2012

North Korea possible rocket launch

North Korean possible rocket launch
The United States of America - USA and other nations are urging the lunatic commies in North Korea to stop or curtail their nuclear weapons development and open up to international inspection.  The lunatic commies basic response has been: get lost.
Meaning to make sure the food is used to the masses of starving people in North Korea.  Without such a process the food will go to Community Party officials, their families, the commie military, and their families.  While the commies and military get fatter on American food, the masses starve.  That basically is “communism 101.”
Now the lunatic commies have a rocket which is thought to be capable of being an ICBM – Intercontinental ballistic missile.  If the lunatic commies have the money for a nuclear program and rocket program they should have the money to feed their people, or should have used the program money for food. 
The lunatic commie brilliance is they used the money for food instead for their weapons development, while the suckers in the USA supply them with food.  Basically it can be argued the American tax payer paid for North Korea’s nuclear and rocket program – God bless America – bunch of suckers.

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