Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sinister evil extreme liberals exposed in USA

Sinister and evil extreme liberals exposed in USA

The sinister and evil maneuvering by liberals in the United States of America – USA, in the name of political correctness continues to push the nation further left. 

This continued push to the left is about to push the USA off the map.  Search Google Images “world” and you will find the majority of the world maps politically correct.  Huh? 

About thirty years ago liberals complained the USA is self-centered to the point of printing world maps depicting the Western Hemisphere (North and South America with the USA) right in the center of the map, with Africa and Europe on the right side, on the left side Asia and Australia.     

For the past thirty years these extreme liberals, politically correct fifth columnist  slithered the halls of academia causing world maps to show the Western Hemisphere on the left side of the world map, with Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc., dwarfing the Western Hemisphere occupying the rest of the map.    

With this new map students in the USA see off the Atlantic coast of the USA Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the rest.  While off the Pacific coast in the USA they see the end of the map, absolutely nothing.  Whereas with the older maps with the Western Hemisphere in the middle, off the USA Atlantic coast was Africa, and Europe.  While off the Pacific Coast Asia and Australia.  This gave the USA students a visual reference as to what exist off both coasts the other side of the two oceans. 

This new world map is geographically correct as the old one.  However the newer maps succeed in diminishing the USA standing in the view of American students.  The liberals in the USA with their political correctness see the USA as the sole source of evil throughout the world. 

We must be vigilant in identifying the evil and sinister maneuvering by these extreme liberals afflicted with societal degenerating political correctness.  Watch for the little things they inflict upon the USA.

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Anonymous said...

jihad suicidal usa bank(st)ers are the biggest thread to mankind imho...

God have mercy.. on the good people of the USA...