Sunday, March 11, 2012

She Shepherd Cabin Boy's promotion?

She Shepherd Cabin Boy’s promotion?

The cult group She Shepherd (led by Captain Kangaroo / Captain Coward) is claiming victory in the Southern Ocean over the Japanese whaling fleet. The cult leader and his minions are claiming the whalers ended their whaling early this season because of the cult group’s illegal activities. Never mind traditionally the whaling season ends in March. Please do not confuse the issue with facts.

Sea Shepherd is also claiming the whalers only harvested one-third of their quota, another victory for the cult group. They were victorious! Really?

For the purpose of this video and description we can hallucinate and agree with the trust fund babies on both statements. We must remember it was their vessel the Bob Barker who engaged the whalers, the vessel skippered by Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead. While their other vessel the Steve Irwin skippered by Captain Kangaroo (Captain Coward), Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus was running scared to avoid the Japanese so-called security vessel trailing that rust bucket. The Captain is aware there is an active arrest warrant issued for him and the so-called security vessel represented a free ocean voyage to Japan for him.

Sea Shepherd Peter Helmethead
The good Captain Kangaroo hid in the Auckland Islands from the Japanese, and then sailed off scared to Australia. All this while he left the Bob Barker skippered by Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead to illegally harass the whalers. If Sea Shepherd was successful this whaling season then it was not Captain Kangaroo who was successful, it was Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead who was successful.

Peter Helmethead should be promoted to the head of Sea Shepherd from Cabin Boy to Admiral. Because while Captain Kangaroo was running scared, Admiral Peter Helmethead was doing all the work.

The progression of Peter Helmethead: Cabin Boy to Skipper to Admiral.

Since Captain Kangaroo demonstrated cowardice in the face of an adversary he should be demoted and do the honorable act of resigning. Problem is history has demonstrated “Captain Kangaroo” and “honorable” do not belong together or near one another.

Video explaining terms of endearment used in reference to She Shepherd:

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