Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pajamas worn in public by SLOBS

Pajamas worn in public by SLOBS

There is a new fashion spreading among the trashy elements in American society that is wearing their pajama bottoms out in public. You will see these pigs / slobs in supermarkets, big box stores, shopping malls, mostly located around or near that habitat of these slobs degrading the culture.

They are no different than the other slobs who where their pants below the crotch to expose their soiled skivvies. The culture is being degraded by these two groups of slobs. Hopefully the youth in other countries will not mimic this disgusting fashion and reframe from degrading their culture. Currently in 21st century America, American culture should not be used as an example of “how to,” but as an example of “how not to.”

There was an interesting column appearing in The Dallas Morning News titled, “Invasion of the Pajama People.”

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