Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank you Sea Shepherd for the bountiful whale harvest in the Southern Ocean

Sea Shepherd announced they were going to refuel off New Zealand’s Auckland Islands within the 12 mile territorial limit. This prevented the Japanese vessel from following Sea Shepherd in New Zealand’s territorial waters. After shaking off the Japanese vessel, Sea Shepherd announces the refueling was a clever rouse per his minions.

Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo

Per Sea Shepherd cult minions Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin did not refuel, it was done and said purely to shake the Japanese off their tail from following them. Huh?

Did not Sea Shepherd use a drone and helicopter to locate the Japanese vessels? So now they have a Japanese vessel following them and they engage in subterfuge (a lie) to lose the Japanese. How does one stop the whalers from whaling by purposely losing them?

Why is the cult leader Captain Kangaroo trying to lose the Japanese vessel following him? Could it be he is fearing a Japanese boarding party upon his rust bucket garbage scow and arresting him? After-all there is an arrest warrant in Japan for the cult leader.

Questions to ask:
1 - Why is the cult Captain running from the Japanese whaling vessel?
2 – How does one stop the whalers from whaling by running from them?
3 – How many whales did Sea Shepherd save today?

A New Zealand news website reported Captain Kangaroo on the Steve Irwin is sailing towards Albany, Australia to refuel and “review strategies.”

“Review strategies?” That is code for an excuse not to go back to the Southern Ocean this whaling season. By hiding in Albany, Australia the good Captain is assured of not being arrested by the Japanese. Thus leaving the following question open:

Sea Shepherd how many whales have you saved today?

Sea Shepherd saving whales

It has been a bountiful whaling season in the Southern Ocean, thanks to the anti-whaling group cooperating with the whaling fleet by running scared stiff to save the good Captain from being arrested. “Save the whales,” what a joke!

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Anonymous said...

The FUTURE OF SHEPHERDS...?? there any?

- no whales saved 2012
- ending 30 days before whaling season closes...sscs is giving up..
- no ramming and bottles throwing for vessel to vessel..thus..
- a dull whaleswars movie 2012
- no headlines..thus
- no cash of suckers in crises
- no cash = no fuel

so can we make an estimate of in % possibility???.. that captan whats-his-name is giving up forever?

Anonymous said...

Sea Shepherd Ploy Leaves Two Frustrated Japanese Whaling Captains Looking Silly at Sea

the truth is...there are indeed 2 frustrated:
1...kaptain kangaroo...with a Japaneese tail...and left the batlle 1 month before the end of the whaling season...
2...Captain Hammer-something of the Bob Barker...left in de ocean without helikopter and with drones who dont do as promised...

The Japaneese are not frustrated att all...the knew they would dedicate 2 vessels to tail the avoid the disturbing of the whaling mode of nisshin maru with the remaining 2 harpoon vessels...

Anonymous said...

Sea Shepherd Made a difference in 2012...

NOOOOOO...not a single day sscs could make the factory close on the main vessel Nisshin Maru...

so is this all you have captain whats-his-name???

do you have to rethink your tactics...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

failed big time...

Anonymous said...

- ending 30 days before whaling
season closes...sscs is giving up..

The Bob Barker is still in the Southern Ocean until the end of the whaling season.

Anonymous said...

Bob Barker is on his own...without helikopter...and if encountered..she will get a tail of the shonan maru immediately...

so the Fleet keeps on whaling with 3 harpoon vessel...because Captain-whats-his-name of Steve IRWIN has given up....

and he is asking for a third vessel...he is getting bananas???...