Monday, March 12, 2012

Cove Guardians shivering in fear

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians enjoy year after year harassing the good people of Taiji, Japan, without any resistance. Last year Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians posted videos illustrating them berating the citizens of Taiji without any resistance. This passivity by the Japanese emboldens the cult minions to prance about the town with impunity.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
This month these foreign cultists are met with Japanese citizens expressing their anger and displeasure and the “Cove Guardians” ran in fear in the automobile. Then Sea Shepherd labels the Japanese citizens as “nationalist.”

See when you stand up to these bullies they run like cowards and attempt to insult. These cult bullies cannot accept the same treatment from the locals as they have been attacking the locals with these past years.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
According to bias reports from Sea Shepherd the “Cove Cowards” were given a police escort out of town for their safety while the so-called nationalist gave chase in their automobiles. After the police provided safety for the shivering and coward Guardians, they then insulted the Japanese police.

Bullies, cowards, minions, cultists Cove Guardians

She Shepherd

Here is a link to Sea Shepherd’s own video showing the Cove Guardians shivering in fear and receiving a police escort from the very police department the Cove Guardians have been and are still critical of:

Here is Sea Cowards video showing their police escort claiming they were being chased by the Japanese:

Now here is the Japanese video showing the event and the so-called chase is missing as it looks like the Sea Cowards left without anyone following them:
(First two videos may have been deleted by Sea Shepherd as it clearly illustrates the Cove Guardians shivering in fear and near panic. Plus hallucinating guns to justify their panic)


Anonymous said...

The police are barely doing their jobs, if anything like that happened in any other country in the world those guys would have been arrested or at least detained.

They shoved police officers with impunity. A culture of respect? Fuck off, the nationalists are just plain thugs.

The reason you don't see the "chase scene" is because the video cuts off before it even happens. Perhaps if the photographer posts the remainder of the video you would see.

The title of the video suggests there is more: "CHICKEN SEA SHEPHERD ①", perhaps you should have waited for "CHICKEN SEA SHEPHERD ②" before opening your cake-hole.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are ultra-nationalists, these are the same people that demonstrate against Korean schools in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony! Here is the video from the nationalists view, shows the Cove Guardians being chased.

Funnily they use some of Sea Shepherd's footage.

Anonymous said...

This is the work of Team Kansai, you can see for yourself, they are unashamedly ultra-nationalist, anti-democratic and anti-Korean.

Anonymous said...

It seems this site is more propaganda than propaganda buster. Clearly, the Cove Guardians were being threatened. The Japanese police protected them, but why were none of the ultra-nationalists arrested? One cove guardian spent months in jail because a fisherman accused him of pushing him. Here there are clear threats, dangerous operation of a vehicle, pushing police... hmmm sounds like a double standard to me.