Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh’s ex-sponsors

     - Pro Flowers
     - Carbonite
     - Quicken Loans
     - Citrix
     - LegalZoom
     - Sleep Train
     - Sleep Number Bed

Now it is time to reject the above companies. Their services and/or products should be rejected by liberty loving Americas.

What is funny about this is, advertisers are constantly trying to purchase room to advertise on his radio program. With these seven who dropped off the show, opens up room for other advertisers.

The above companies withdrew their advertisements from The Rush Limbaugh Show. This was done when these companies caved into Rush’s adversaries, the extreme liberals who only they are entitled to free speech.

Rush Limbaugh used the words “prostitute” and “slut” in reference to a college law student who appeared in front of a Congressional committee.

Mr. Limbaugh apologized for the use of those words, sorry not good enough. He is conservative he is not allowed redemption after an apology. Whereas with the left, liberals, Democrats, etc., after an apology is issued all is forgiven.

Bill Maher has used equally if not more vile adjectives to describe women, no apology and no outrage from the left. Being an extreme liberal commentator / clown, he is permitted to verbalize hate or insults on any level, as long as he hurls them at conservatives.

The hypocrisy of the left / liberals.

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