Saturday, March 10, 2012

After the earthquake tsunami Japan taught the world about civility

After the earthquake tsunami Japan taught the world about civility 
On 11 March 2011 an earthquake and tsunami devastated northern Japan. In the aftermath of these horrific events the world learned civility from the nation, the people of Japan.

The world was shocked over the magnitude the damage and swiftness from these two disasters. Then the world was astonished there were no reports of looting among the vastness of damage and debris. The uncivilized living among the civilized in other countries could always be counted on to loot after a disaster. Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and the bottom-feeders crawl out to loot. Apparently Japan has no such human debris among their citizenry because there was no looting.

In Haiti after their earthquake the world witnessed people having to be beat back when relief supplies were attempting to be distributed. In Japan no beating back, no rioting for supplies, just long lines of people waiting for their turn – civility.

Back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: The National Guard sends in helicopters to rescue those where were too stupid to evacuate or those who did not have the means to evacuate. The bottom feeder savages where firing live bullets at the helicopters! In Japan when USA military helicopters arrived delivering supplies they were greeted with bows and hugs – civility.

In the past when a nation is hit with a natural disaster and the USA sends in help, it gets greeted with “what took you so long.” “Is that all there is?” “Go home!” Not in Japan, the USA got “Operation Tomodachi” (Operation Friendship). The people of Japan remain very grateful and appreciative of the help they received from nearly 20,000 USA military personal who went in to help. Once more – civility.

When the tsunami rolled back out to sea it took with it the debris from the homes it collapsed. Weeks, months later safe boxes that were in those homes started appearing on the beaches. The people finding these safe boxes did not open them, instead they turned them over to the police. Japanese civility.

Japan taught the world what it means to behave with civility in the face of a horrific disaster and its aftermath. Hope is the world learned.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I have read and listened to many many of your posts. (MAINLY because of total shock and disbelief and partially because I kept thinking I would find at least one comment that could be deemed rational. I did not continue to read and listen because I agreed with you! BTW, I never found that one rational thought!) You are OBVIOUSLY and EXTREME RIGHT, RIDICULOUSLY CONSERVATIVE, UNINFORMED REPUBLICAN. I can not only figure this out through your direct comments about all topics including those concerned with United States politics but also your thoughtless comments about Japan. So I have a solution, MOVE TO JAPAN! However, after the move, continue your blogs, vlogs, and then even get out and do a couple protests on things you disagree with there in Japan or from whatever nation. See how long you last doing any of them. I don't hate republicans or conservatives, I don't even hate you but I do however feel very strongly about the idea that you are disturbingly blind! You are constantly talking about freedom and how great it is but the ideas you preach and the nations you defend have no concept of freedom. You use the Japanese people and their actions in the tragic happenings of their land and the lack of looting and fighting for vital necessities to live as civility but it isn't. They behave this way because they have NO CHOICE. So some would say that if freedom stops such bad acts then maybe those freedoms should be taken but then that is exactly that, NOT FREE ANYMORE! If you get in trouble over there, if they deem you as a threat to their iron fist way of ruling, if they don't like the ideas you preach, they don't really need a reason, they throw you in jail, or worse just slaughter you, until you either submit or die. You preach one moment about the great nation of japan then youre on to how leftist liberals were threatening freedoms you seem to enjoy like freedom of speech the whole time screaming that you can't like one aspect of something if you don't like the other. (for example your use of not being able to dislike red, white, and blue but like the American flag. Which I disagree with this notion but it's your words.) So all I can seem to gather is that you want ALL the freedoms that you are graced with with none of the negative side effects but those same negative side effects you really don't want either. So go see what living under the ruling of an iron fist is truly like and how so many of the freedoms you seem to believe in are quickly stripped away be it by law or by rule then see how quickly you want to come back here and praise the left side as well as the right because maybe then you will finally grasp that without conflicting view points and ideas being filtered into a society, even with the negative side effects like over the top use of freedom of speech, that you end up with total ruling and no freedoms at all and suddenly you are existing, be it civilly or not, but you aren't living free. I've babbled to the point that I am probably making as much sense as you. My whole point boils down to the fact that you can't preach freedom, total freedom, but then want those you disagree with to be denied those same freedoms because if you take the freedoms and rights of those you disagree with you are going to inadvertently end up ruining your own freedoms somehow.