Thursday, March 22, 2012

North Korea suckered in the USA - again !

North Korea suckered in the USA – again!

The USA (United States of America) and other nations are urging the lunatic commies in North Korea to stop or curtail their nuclear weapons development and open up to international inspection.  The lunatic commies basic response has been: get lost.

Recently the lunatic commies said they will be willing to think about participating in a multi-nation conference on the issue, if the USA gives them $350 million in food.  United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife – “Bill” being x-rated President Clinton), agreed to give the food without a verification process establish.

Meaning to make sure the food is used to the masses of starving people in North Korea.  Without such a process the food will go to Community Party officials, their families, the commie military, and their families.  While the commies and military get fatter on American food, the masses starve.  That basically is “communism 101.”

Now the lunatic commies have a rocket which is thought to be capable of being an ICBM – Intercontinental ballistic missile.  If the lunatic commies have the money for a nuclear program and rocket program they should have the money to feed their people, or should have used the program money for food. 

The lunatic commie brilliance is they used the money for food instead for their weapons development, while the suckers in the USA supply them with food.  Basically it can be argued the American tax payer paid for North Korea’s nuclear and rocket program – God bless America – bunch of suckers.

Roster of North Korean thug gangster leaders:
Kim Il-Sung – First bum and dead, now titled “Eternal President”
Kim Jong-Il – recently died and now worm food
Kim Jong Un – current “Dear Leader” and so far still among the living, yet to assume room temperature. 

Photo at the end of the video:  It is a satellite photograph of the Korean peninsula at night.

Women escaping North Korea:

The first Dear Leader Kim Il-Sung believed if a person committed a crime be it civil or political, the “bad seed” extended to three generations.  Resulting in the alleged criminal, the spouse, children, and grandchildren all being imprisoned in a series of concentration camps located throughout North Korea, north of the 38th parallel, the DMZ.

They have one camp, “Camp 22” housing 50,000 prisons being worked and starved. 

Related prison camps article:

Camp 22 – 50,000 prisoners:

Between 1977 and 1983 the commies kidnapped 70 to 80 Japanese citizens.  The nuts in North Korea even admit to kidnapping only 13 – meaning they ADMIT to the kidnappings.  Incidentally, they also kidnap South Korean citizens.   

Japanese citizens kidnapped by the commies in North Korea:

Link to video illustrated in this video (“Look up in the sky; it is a North Korean rocket !”):

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Anonymous said...

IM NO COMMUNSIST...but first economically isolate a nation and pour hunger on the ppl and than offer food for a need usa created....wacko...

but hey...i love all ppl in usa...whish ronpaul would win...

god bless usa...they are gonne need it...