Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump's birth certificate, Wisconsin ignores judge, Illinois casino smoking

Donald Trump released his birth certificate to illustrate how easy it was. This was done in reference to the mystery surrounding (“birthers”) President Obama’s birth certificate. Mr. Trump’s lawyer said there are hospitals named after Trump’s family in New York City, while the only one’s named after Mr. Obama are in Africa. Donald Trump is not questioning President Obama’s citizenship, he just questions the mystery.

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is moving forward to implement recent legislation limiting public sector (state employees) unions. The state will stop collecting union dues for the unions by no longer deducting it from paychecks. This after a county judge, Maryann Sumi (equivalent to a traffic court judge) said the law is illegal. Where did Governor Scott Walker get the idea to ignore a judge’s order? Perhaps from President Obama when he ignored a federal judge’s ruling that his moratorium on off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps when President Obama he ignored a federal judge’s ruling that his health-care legislation was unconstitutional.

A few years back Illinois Democrats passed legislation outlawing smoking in all work place, both public and private. This caused a 32% drop in revenues for casinos in Illinois, along with $800 million loss in taxes. The Democrats seeing a loss taxes reversed the ban. They passed legislation exempting casinos from the smoking ban. Meaning one can now smoke in Illinois casinos, and never mind the workers’ health with second-hand smoke. To Democrats taxes are more important than the health of workers.

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