Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taiji, Japan under continued assault by Western coward imperialist

Taiji, Japan is the city where the movie “The Cove” was clandestinely filmed by people afraid to be open about their bias intentions. The purpose of the film was to vilify the working class families of Taiji for harvesting dolphins.

The coward girly men of She Shepherd are in Taiji continually harassing the people of Taiji. Now the director of The Cove through a faceless group called People Concerned for the Oceans, mailed anywhere from 1,400 to 3,500 DVD’s of The Cove without popcorn to the residents of Taiji.

The goal is to have the Taiji residents view the bias DVD insulting to their town and citizens perhaps thinking they will no longer harvest dolphins. It will have the opposite effect. Looking at the DVD one can only think, look at these Western devils harassing our peaceful town.

What is interesting is the DVDs were mailed using a fictitious return address. In the USA that is illegal, so once again foreigners exploiting Japan. Also, only a coward would hide from their actions.

People of Japan may want to wake up and show the people and mayor of Taiji their support. Travel to Taiji, send letters and email to the mayor, and let them know the nation supports them in dealing with these foreign bums loitering in their town.

CAUTION: If you come across these bums in Taiji, do not approach as they look to be infested with fleas, bed bugs, and yeast infections. Just point and laugh at them. Absolutely no violence.

Earlier video about Taiji:


Natalia said...

You make me sick sir. You certainly do not care about whales, dolhins or whatsoever animal abuse in the world.

Sheri said...
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jager said...

BOO YAA! You Go Tony! The Japanese need to start kicking some SSCS a$$.
Deckhand watson ( he never took or passed the masters exams) has repeatedly endangered lives of not only the Japanese crews, but his own . He has no regard for human life and has said so !
watson is no environmentalist! he is the worst kind of confidence man snake oil salesman.
Keep Doing what your doing Sir! BANZAI!

Anonymous said...

Robert, houston texas
You are an naive arrogant abortion!
And of course you come from texas where they grow abortions so well!
I wish you and your family disease accidents and ill fortune!
May you have a short life!