Monday, March 7, 2011

Admiral Beauregard Watson, Commodore Tony, who is for real?

According to an article that appeared in the magazine “The New Yorker,” in 2007 Captain Kangaroo of She Shepherd is not a credentialed sea captain. So must he be pretending? Then he wears a badge implying to be law enforcement, enforcing laws made up on the spot. More pretend. Recently his crew elevated him to “Admiral of the fleet,” because Sea Shepherd has three vessels. To which I named him “Admiral Beauregard Watson.”

The name “Beauregard” is associated with the Southern portion of the USA. This name given to him because of his love of the confederacy. He was photographed in his office with a Confederate flag in his office (CSA). See below link, the left side of the photograph:

Video about the Confederate flag in his office:

With all this pretending going on, I too participated in playing pretend (two old men playing pretend). I purchased a United States Navy hat off eBay and started pretending to be “Pretend Commodore Tony.”

Upon the posting of this video I will no longer refer to myself as “Pretend Commodore Tony.” This is due to a communication from the governor’s office of the State of Texas, Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry commissioned me an Admiral in the Texas Navy with the issuance of a certificate stating so.

How did this happen? Fellow YouTube “MadBadVoodo” who is an authentic Kentucky Colonel (same as Colonel Sanders of KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken), telephoned the governor’s office and wrote a letter outlining my 32 years of community and volunteer work in Texas. Plus the positive image of Texas I have conveyed to the people of Japan who endeared me with the title of “Texas Daddy.”

From this point, Texas Daddy will also be Admiral Tony of the Texas Navy.

MadBadVoodo’s channel:

“The New Yorker” article:

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