Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq: any more wars for the USA at one time?

Where are the leftist, Democrats, and bias news media criticizing the empty suit (President Obama) about getting the USA involved in a third war while still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Oh, that’s right no complaints or criticism because it is a Democrat who got the USA into a third war. Or as Rush Limbaugh calls him, “Pharaoh Obama.” Has anyone heard from Code Pink or that Cindy Sheehan? Or is she still camped out in Crawford, Texas waiting for President Bush?

What is Obama’s exit strategy? Is this blood for oil? Did Obama lie and people die? Is Democrat Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois going to call our troops off the Libyan coast as being Nazi like or Soviet style in their behavior? Oh that’s right, this all only said when there is a Republican in The White House. A Democrat can go marching through Georgia and the Democrats, anti-war crowd will be silent while the news media will justify it. These bums are so transparent.

President Obama said no USA ground troops will be used in this new war, the Libyan war. Really? Then how come the USA has two amphibious ships, the USS Harpers Ferry and USS Essex, off the Libyan coast? These amphibious housing the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit – USMC. Are these Marines on deck singing “……To the shores of Tripoli” from the Marine Corps Hymn referencing the first U.S. Marine visit to Tripoli in 1805.

As of this writing 112 cruise missiles were launched by the USA in Libya. Who paid for these missiles? China?

When the empty suit President Obama was running for president of the United States he claimed he would reduce American involvement in the two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. Pledging to pull the USA out of Iraq and set a time-table to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Two and a half years later, the USA is still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, now Pharaoh Obama has taken America into the war in Libya.

The useless U.N. (United Nations) establishes a no-fly zone over Libya and President Obama commits American involvement. Not acceptable!

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