Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Muslims protesting radicals being called radicals

Recently in Manhattan (New York City) Muslims rallied to protest a planned congressional hearing on the role of Muslims in homegrown terrorism.

Republicans in Congress (House of Representatives) are preparing to open hearings on the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism; caused the Obama regime to run out in front expressing its displeasure. Also caused revulsion among Americans of the Muslim faith.

Republican Representative Peter King of New York, the House Homeland Security Committee chairman, promised to hold hearings on the radicalization of U.S. Muslims. This has incurred the wrath of Muslims in the USA and the Obama regime.

Understand this, not all Muslims are terrorist, however recently all terrorist have been Muslim. These bums are hiding behind this religion to commit their acts of cowardice / terror. The Muslims in NYC protest in reference to the proposed committee hearings. When did they protest to denounce those who commit terror in the name of their religion?

When the House of Representatives held hearings on organized crime in the USA, most of those dragged in front of that committee had Italian last names. Did Americans of Italian ancestry protest and say the House of Representatives were labeling all Italians as being in the Mafia? No, instead the following statement was born: “The Mafia is an FBI myth.”

Understand folks, the vast majority of Muslims in the USA are peace loving and it is unfortunate a few have smeared their religion by being radicalized. However to ignore this radicalization, it would be at the nations peril.

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